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Start-ups and SME's

Fast and tailored support at any stage of your business journey.

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We specialise in providing comprehensive legal support tailored specifically for startups and SMEs. Our dedicated team understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in today's business landscape. Here's how we help startups and SMEs succeed:

General commercial

Data privacy agreement drafting review and negotiation


Legal compliance package: legal templates and processes for start-up and SME clients

Remove RISKS from your business and feel reassured your business is in SAFE HANDS 

Air Legal offers straightforward, online legal assistance tailored for businesses.

Personalised service

Fully trained lawyers

24-48 hour document review

Fixed fees to suit your budget

£165 (excluding applicable tax) for standard contract reviews. Prices vary depending on contract length

Trusted By Our Clients


In today’s fast-paced global market, seamless access to responsive and specialised legal services is crucial for brands navigating the complex terrain of international business. At Air Legal, we are attuned to the critical urgency and distinct nature of your legal challenges. Our expertise is especially valuable for global brands at various stages of growth, emerging startups and expanding small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Why is our support indispensable? Primarily, it revolves around adept risk management. Legal complexities can emerge without warning and escalate rapidly, posing threats of significant financial loss, reputational harm, or severe legal consequences. With our swift and precise legal guidance, you can quickly identify and mitigate these risks, minimising their potential to disrupt your business operations.

Additionally, timely legal consultations can lead to substantial time and cost savings. By addressing legal issues promptly and efficiently, you circumvent the expenses tied to drawn-out disputes or penalties from non-compliance. This aspect of cost-effectiveness is particularly vital for startups and SMEs that operate on limited budgets but face the challenges of larger counterparts.

Easy to understand, timely end to end legal advice.

Suite of template legal documents as well as best practice legal processes advice.

We typically review contracts within 24-48 hours on a capped fee basis so costs do not spiral.

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