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Social Media and Influencer Lawyers

We provide cost-effective legal services to our clients.

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How can we assist you?

Our team has developed significant expertise in social media matters. Our goal is to always provide tailored assistance where you need the expertise of a legal professional. Here are some areas where we can help:

Creative agency agreements

Production agreements

SaaS agreements: drafting, review and negotiation for social media content producers and tech clients

Talent agreements

Commercial agreements

Remove RISKS from your business and feel reassured your business is in SAFE HANDS 

Air Legal offers straightforward, online legal assistance tailored for businesses.

Personalised service

Fully trained lawyers

24-48 hour document review

Fixed fees to suit your budget

£165 (excluding applicable tax) for standard contract reviews. Prices vary depending on contract length

Trusted By Our Clients


The rise of digital content and its widespread consumption has brought about numerous opportunities, challenges, and disputes. As communication methods continue to evolve, so too does the law, adapting to the dynamic landscape of social media and digital platforms.

Recognising the evolving nature of media and communication, our team offers expert legal guidance to navigate these complexities.

Easy to understand legal advice with a deep commercial understanding of technology.

Social media and short form video operating in a fast paced environment.

We typically review contracts within 24-48 hours on a capped fee basis so costs do not spiral.

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